Episode 31: jHo $hits on everything

by kevindeleon on February 2, 2010


In this episode we welcome guest Grizzles to talk about science!

Intro Music – Ragtime Castratos – Menthol

Grizzles, Groove, and jHo getting ready to record.

Number 1 Fan this week – The Oatmeal Conspiracy

Number 1 Hater – All of the fans except for Miss. Everyone hated on the music jHo included during the show.

Beyonce covering Alanis Morissettte?


Lady Gaga or the White Witch? Also, what’s in the teacup?

Taylor Swift & Stevie Nicks on the 2010 Grammy’s

Apple iPad video

Grizzles takes your questions and covers the History of the Earth (Dinosaurs! Booya!), why the sky is blue and why we have sunsets, if gropple actually exists, what makes snow turn brown, snow that acts as a laxative, manatees, if there is other life in the universe, if a ducks quack echos, the relation of adam’s apple size to junk size, the probability of a Christian God existing, global warming, and some bonus questions sent in late for our previous guest Miss.

jHo is listening to  Menthol, Drizzles is listening to MGMT and Chris Isaak, and Groove is listening to NPR: All Things Considered, and Broken Bells which is a new James Mercer project.

Listen to who’s hyped on Netflix, the snow, and video gamer girlfriends.

The Hype’s still out on Season 6 of Lost and the iPad.

There’s a Kevin Smith movie that’s Not the Hype and its not Jersey Girls. Also some college basketball and being sick.




Peter Fox – Alles Neu

Thanks to Grizzles for being our guest!

Outro Music: Time to Pretend – MGMT

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mikey pesant February 4, 2010 at 6:22 am

Wow, you really beefed up the synopsis for this episode. 10 out of 10 for effort.

JHo gets a lot of his ‘material’ (the set-piece gags he seems to come up with spontaneously) from some lame website or blog. That much is obvious. Does he have the courage to reveal his sources though?

JebediahScooter February 7, 2010 at 2:48 pm

JHo enraged by technology + Grizzles talking to you guys like you’re 4th graders + Groove in the second half of the show = top 5 ep.

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